About the Company

HoCom is the Russian independent investment company which was established in 1998 and works in media, technologies and telecommunications areas.

There have been successfully finished more than 20 projects, including

— ROSNET (“Russian Telecommunication Network” Public Company);
— AEROCOM (“Aerocom Company” JSV);
— ROSWEB (“RadioNet” Ltd.), etc.

Over USD 60 million have been attracted, funding our activities.

HoCom offers foreign partners the investment and merger-acquisition services in Russia, which is one of the most appealing markets on our planet today. The aim of our business is to distinguish promising economy segments, to set-up a new business and to raise it on the wave of market growth. Thus, we look for foreign partners who possess the proved technologies, products, brands and so on – all what might be put to the fertile ground of modern Russia.

There are following businesses in our current investment portfolio:

— Mobile content production and distribution (including java-games);
— Interactive SMS and IVR services for traditional media such as radio, TV-channels, printed and on-line magazines, etc.;
— Triple Play content (audio-, video-on-demand, games) distribution for fixed line and IPTV operators;
— TV-channels, TV-programming, cinema and 3D movies production;
— Innovative marketing and on-line advertising (both WWW and WAP);
— Telecommunications in Russian regions, including WiMAX in Sochi / Krasnaya Polyana (Black See resort);
— Real estate projects.

We invite entrepreneurs with ideas, managers with industry experience, and partners with business projects!